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“Yale Youth Hockey Association, Inc. is neither sponsored nor affiliated with Yale University. “Yale” is a registered trademark and used with the permission of the University.”

Annual Yale Youth Hockey-Lincoln Bassett Community School Holiday PartnershipCongratulations to the Yale Mite B on their 2017 State <br>Championship, outscoring their opponents 41-3 in 4 <br>games. <br>Yale Youth Hockey, Try Hockey for Free Day, 2016<br>Yale Midget U-16 - Champions Boston Junior Bruins Shootout - September, 2015Yale Youth Hockey
Hockey Update

Good evening all Yale Youth Hockey members. We hope this message finds you well.  Earlier today, Governor Lamont announced that effective Monday, November 23rd, all youth sports in the state of Connecticut must pause all activities until January 19th. All practices and games currently on the calendar through Sunday 11/22, will take place as scheduled.

Here is the link to the Governor's news conference; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1-0jzNe610&feature=youtu.be

 We are hopeful that we will be able to continue and complete a full hockey season once activities resume on January 19th. We will continue to monitor developments and will keep everyone informed of any updates. Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe. 

by posted 11/19/2020
Yale Youth Hockey Association

Yale Youth Hockey Association, Inc.

Yale Youth Hockey - 12-U and Younger

Junior Bulldogs - 14-U and Older


Yale Athletics contacted us in early July. We have been working with Yale Athletics since then. There is NCAA Rule which prohibits players of "High School Age" 14-U and Older to play under a College or University name implying formal affiliation.


Our Learn to Skate - 12-U Programs and Teams will play under the name Yale Youth Hockey

Our 14-U - 18-U Teams will play under the name Junior Bulldogs


We have developed new logos for Yale Youth Hockey and Junior Bulldogs.


Yale Youth Hockey will continue operating as we always have. These are the only changes.


Yale Youth Hockey Association

by posted 08/09/2019
Yale Youth Hockey - Junior Bulldogs Locker Room Policy

Yale Youth Hockey and Junior Bulldogs

Locker Room Policy


USA Hockey Locker Room Policy

USA Hockey requires that all local programs publish their locker room policies to the parents of all minor participants. The policies should be specific to the facilities they regularly use. The local program’s policies shall include the program’s (a) practices for supervising and monitoring locker rooms and changing areas; (b) permission or lack of permission for parents to be in the locker rooms; (c) prohibited conduct, including at least all forms of abuse and misconduct prohibited by USA Hockey; and (d) specific policies regarding the use of mobile electronic devices and phones and prohibiting the use of a device’s recording capabilities. 


Yale Youth Hockey Association and the Junior Bulldogs Locker Room Policy

In addition to the development of our hockey players and enjoyment of the sport of hockey, the safety and protection of our participants is central to the goals of our program. Yale Youth Hockey Association adheres to USA Hockey’s SafeSport Program, as a means to help protect its participants from physical abuse, sexual abuse, and other types of misconduct, including emotional abuse, bullying, threats, harassment, and hazing. To help prevent abuse or misconduct from occurring in our locker rooms, Yale Youth Hockey Association and the Junior Bulldogs have adopted the following locker room policy.

At Northford Ice Pavilion, Ingalls Rink, Spurrier-Snyder Rink, Veterans Memorial Rink, Ralph Walker Rink and Louis Astorino Rink, there are multiple locker rooms available for our program’s use. Some of the locker rooms shares a central restroom and shower area with another locker room. In most rinks locker room team assignments will vary and will be posted and available at least 1 hour prior to practices and games.  

Many teams in our program will travel to play games at other facilities, and those locker rooms, rest rooms, and shower areas will vary in size and layout from location to location. At facilities with which they are unfamiliar, parents should allow extra time and some flexibility in making arrangements for their child to dress, undress, and shower, if desired.

Locker Room Monitoring

It is the policy of USA Hockey that all USAH Member Programs must have at least one responsible SafeSport and background screened Adult (which may include coaches, managers, or other volunteers) present and monitoring the locker room during all team events to ensure appropriate supervision and conduct, and to ensure that only participants (coaches and players), approved team personnel, and family members are permitted in the locker room. Yale Youth Hockey Association and the Junior Bulldogs has predictable and limited use of locker rooms and changing areas (e.g., generally 30-60 minutes before and following practices and games). This allows for direct and regular monitoring of locker room areas and should facilitate coordination of efforts to ensure compliance with this requirement.

Acceptable locker room monitoring should include either a) monitors inside the locker room while participants are present or b) monitors in the immediate vicinity of the locker room (within arm’s length of the door), with the expectation that they will regularly and frequently enter the locker room to monitor the activity inside.  When locker room monitors are inside the locker room, it is strongly recommended that there be at least 2 monitors present, both whom have been SafeSport and background screened. Any individual meeting between a minor participant and a coach or other adult in the locker room shall require that a second responsible adult be present.

For each Yale Youth Hockey Association and the Junior Bulldogs team, the coaching staff and team manager are responsible for compliance with the requirements of this locker room policy. A coach or team manager that fails to take appropriate steps to ensure the locker room policy is adhered to, and/or any USA Hockey participant or parent of a participant who otherwise violates this policy, will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.



In addition to the general Code of Conduct set forth above, players will adhere to following locker room standards of behavior.

Players are expected to listen and follow the instructions of the designated locker room monitors at all times.  Locker rooms, both home and away, will be left clean and in good condition.  In particular, but not exclusively, players may be disciplined for:

Defacing or destroying property belonging to any individual, team, association, or rink
Wrestling, boxing, shoving, or engaging in physical contact of any manner
Throwing items in the locker room
Touching any equipment or clothing that does not belong to that player
Yelling, screaming, or shouting.  Conversation is to be kept at a comfortable level at all times
Stickhandling or performing other hockey warm-up drills inside the locker room.  Hockey warm-up drills are only to be performed in areas designated by Head Coaches
Exhibiting disrespectful behavior to fellow players, coaches or team representatives

Parents in Locker Rooms

Except for players at the younger age groups, we discourage parents from entering locker rooms unless it is truly necessary. Obvious exceptions to this rule are when a player suffers an injury or a uniform malfunction.

Naturally, with our youngest age groups it is necessary for parents to assist the players in getting dressed. We encourage parents to teach their players how to get dressed, so that players can independently dress themselves as early as possible. In circumstances where parents are permitted in the locker room, coaches are permitted to ask that the parents leave for a short time before and after the game so that the coaches may address the players. As players get older, the coach may in his or her discretion prohibit parents from a locker room.

Mixed Gender Teams

Some of our Yale Youth Hockey and the Junior Bulldog teams consist of both male and female players. It is important that the privacy rights of all of our players are given consideration and appropriate arrangements made. There are a variety of ways to comply with this directive, and what works best may depend on the individual players or the locker room availability at a particular facility. We encourage coaches, players and parents of those involved in mixed gender teams to work out an appropriate locker room arrangement that results in a comfortable and non-threatening environment for all players.  Arrangements may include two separate locker rooms, shared locker rooms or alternating use of the same locker room.  When separate locker rooms are used, both locker rooms require appropriate supervision and monitoring.

Cell Phones and Other Mobile Recording Devices

While we understand that occasional cell phone usage may be necessary in the locker room, Yale Youth Hockey Association and the Junior Bulldogs prohibits the use of voice recording, cameras and video recordings of any kind in the locker rooms.

Prohibited Conduct and Reporting

Yale Youth Hockey Association and the Junior Bulldogs prohibits all types of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, bullying, threats, harassment, and hazing, all as described in the USA Hockey SafeSport Handbook. Participants, parents of participants, and / or volunteers of YYHA may be subject to disciplinary action for violation of these locker room policies, or for engaging in any misconduct or abuse that violates the USA Hockey SafeSport Policies. To report any actual or suspected violations, you may email USA Hockey or call 1-800-888-4656.  You may also contact Charles Andriole, President at charlesandriole@charlesandriole.com and/or Jennifer Tinson, Safesport Coordinator at jtinson1@att.net


by posted 07/07/2019
Yale Youth Hockey - Complaint Protocol

Yale Youth Hockey Association

Complaint Protocol


The business and affairs of the Yale Youth Hockey Association is managed by or under the direction of the Yale Youth Hockey Association Board of Directors.


All Complaints must be emailed to the Board of Directors via the following email address: CharlesAndriole@charlesandriole.com 


No Verbal Complaints in person or via telephone will be addressed by a Board Member or Board Members.


Yale Youth Hockey Association

by posted 09/19/2018
Yale Youth Hockey Association - Ingalls Rink

Dear Yale Youth Hockey Family:


As you know, Yale Youth Hockey has use of Ingall's rink at the pleasure of Yale University. In return, we are ALL responsible for ensuring that our children stay safe and take care of this treasured resource.  Please review these rules with your children and help us enforce them:  


1.  The Yale Press Boxes are Off-Limits to ALL.  

2.  Please keep the rink clean -- pick up your trash.  

3.  Absolutely no stick play with balls or pucks in the hallways, stands or in the hallways leading to the locker rooms.

4. Children must be supervised at all times by parents or guardians.

5. All teams and coaches must dress in the locker rooms. Dressing in the hallways and common areas under the rink is prohibited.


Yale Youth Hockey Association


by posted 09/30/2016
USA Hockey - Roger Grillo Presentation

USA Hockey Athlete Development Model "ADM"

Roger Grilllo 

USA Hockey ADM Regional Manager - New England and Massachusetts Districts


Tuesday, October 14th 6:00PM

​Yale Law School


Roger Grillo USA Hockey ADM Regional Manager - New England and Massachusetts Districts is coming to New Haven to speak to Yale Youth Hockey Parents, Coaches, and Member Families on Tuesday, October 14th at 6:00PM, at the Yale Law School. There will be no Yale Youth Hockey Practices on October 14th. This is a very important and valuable meeting. We are requesting All Member Families make every effort to attend.

The USA Hockey ADM initiative is driving tremendous change in the development of American hockey players. USA Hockey attributes the accelerated development of elite American hockey players to the USA Hockey ADM.

Yale Youth Hockey is a committed proponent  of the USA Hockey ADM - Clinic through Bantam. Please join us to learn more about the research that lead to the USA Hockey ADM and the results that have been attributed to "Long Term Athlete Development" via the USA Hockey ADM.

Roger Grillo:

Mr. Grillo currently serves as the USA Hockey ADM Regional Manager in the New England and Massachusetts Districts.  Prior to joining USA Hockey, Mr. Grillo spent twelve years as the Head Men's Ice Hockey Coach at Brown University.  Prior to Brown, he was an Assistant Coach at the University of Vermont.  Mr. Grillo played his collegiate hockey at the University of Maine, and was selected by the Vancouver Canucks in the 1983 NHL Draft.

 Yale Youth Hockey Association ​

by posted 10/03/2014
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