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Yale Youth Hockey Association
Try-Out Policies and Procedures

The YYHA Board of Directors has assembled a Try-Out Committee to coordinate our try-out procedures.  The goal of the Committee is to make the try-out process as transparent and as fair as possible.

The Try-Out Committee Chairman is Ryan Hardy, Director - Hockey.

Ryan Hardy and the Members of the Try-Out Committee will oversee the process by which players are selected. President, Charles Andriole will serve as an intermedary between YYHA player candidates and parents, and the Head Coaches/Evaluators who will be selecting players for specific teams. 

Players will be selected for specific teams collaboratively, by the Head Coaches for each level team (8-U / 10-U / 12-U / 14-U / 15-O / 16-U / 18-U), in consultation with various members of the YYHA Coaching Staff and previous season coaches for returning YYHA players. No other persons will have input into the selection of players for specific YYHA teams for the up coming Season. 

All YYHA Tier 1AAA, AA, A and if possible B and B1 teams Professional, appropriately Credentialed, Stipend-Paid, Head Coaches. There will be no parent Head Coaches at these levels.  

In order to keep the process fair and transparent, please do not contact or intercede with any of the Head Coaches/Evaluators regarding specific player issues related to Try-Outs. 

Please direct any inquiries, questions or concerns to Charles Andriole  / 203-430-0486). 

Please contact Charlie if your player will not be able to make one or more of the Try-Out sessions.


Try-Out and Evaluation Procedure

The YYHA Try-Out will be conducted by all YYHA Previous Season YYHA Head Coaches and new Head Coaches joining YYHA. 

On-Ice Process:
Yale Youth Hockey will hold 3-4 Tryout Sessions for every Travel Team level.
8-U and 10-U:
Session 1: Skating, Puck Handling, Passing and Shooting Drills
Session 2, 3, 4: Skating, Puck Handling, Passing and Shooting Drills / Partial and/or Full Ice Scrimmages

*A 8-U Travel Team will be selected following the Try-Out. The 8-U Travel Team will include potential 8-U A and 8-U B Team players. The specific 8-U A and 8-U B Teams will be selected following additional evaluation in the fall, on or before October 31.

12-U / 14-U / 15-O / 16-U / 18-U:
Session 1: Skating, Puck Handling, Passing and Shooting Drills / Partial and/or Full Ice Scrimmages
Session 2, 3, 4: Partial and/or Full Ice Scrimmages
These are anticipated Yale Youth Hockey Try-Out and Evaluation Policies and Procedures. Yale Youth Hockey may find it necessary and reserves the right to amend these Policies and Procedures. An additional Supplemental Try-Out Session may be required at specific levels.
Selection Process:
The Yale Youth Hockey Try-Out process will be overseen by Ryan Hardy, Director - Hockey and the YYHA Try-Out Committee, with assistance from YYHA Head Coaches at each specific level. 
All Try-Out Player Selections decisions are final. 

Player Evaluation Criteria:

Puck Handling
Hockey Intelligence

The most difficult component of the Try-Out process is placement of “Bubble” players, players who are bunched around the margin to two levels. These selections will be made with assistance of prior year coaches who can provide insight to the following criteria:

Ability to Follow Instructions
Consistent Effort
Consistent Attendance (Practices/Games)
Disciplinary and Behavioral Considerations

Try-Out Results:
All Yale Youth Hockey Try-Out Results will be posted on the Yale Youth Hockey Web Site www.yaleyouthhockey.com YYHA Try-Outs 2016-2017…Try-Out Results. 
The Head Coach of the specific team your player has been selected to join will follow-up with a phone call shortly following the posting welcoming your player to their YYHA team.
A player’s placement on the team for which they have been selected, is not guaranteed until the YYHA Commitment Fee has been paid and Commitment Letter signed. We will open a Travel Team Registration for each specific level team once all team selections have been published.
Commitment Signing Date:
Commitment Signing Dates have been posted.
*All players will be required to Commit and Sign on this date.
*Please complete the Travel Team Registration specific to the level for which your player has been selected, prior to coming to the Commitment Signing.
Documents Required for Try-Out:
USA Hockey "Participant Code of Conduct"
USA Hockey "Waiver of Liability"
USA Hockey "Consent to Treat"

Yale Youth Hockey Association