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Yale Youth Hockey Association
Please review the USA Hockey Concussion Materials at the link below to learn more about this injury. 
A Yale Youth Hockey Association player who has been evaluated by a physician and exhibited symptoms of a concussion or diagnosed with a concussion is required to provide the President - Yale Youth Hockey Association, the Secretary - Yale Youth Hockey Association and their Head Coach with a "Return to Play" Note signed by their physician. This note must be written on the physicians letter head or a letter stamped with the physicians, name, address and contact information. This note must indicate the players diagnosis, and the date the player may "Return to Play". This must be received prior to participating in any Yale Youth Hockey Practices, Games, Skills Sessions, Try-Outs, Open Ice Sessions, et al. 

No exceptions!

USA Hockey Concussion Protocol and Information...Click Here
Link to How to Play Heads Up Hockey (Avoid Concussions)

Yale Youth Hockey Association