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12 days left to participate! 

143 boys and 162 girls still need sponsors. 

Let's get it done!



3rd Annual Yale Youth Hockey/Lincoln-Bassett Community School

Holiday Partnership


A rewarding opportunity to build community and give during the holiday season!



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What? Collect toys for 379 Children…

The Yale Youth Hockey Organization will once again “adopt” an entire New Haven School this holiday season.  For two years running now, our organization has succeeded in giving a $15 - $20 gift to every single child at the Lincoln-Bassett Community School.  Our goal is simple: to do it again!


Why Lincoln-Bassett Community School?

Every child at the Lincoln-Bassett Community School qualifies for free breakfast and lunch, and 100% of its population is at or below the poverty level. In recent years, it has been deemed a “failing school.” Since being given that label, the faculty and staff have been working hard to “do what it takes” to turn the school around, and one of those things is building community. It’s also right in our neighborhood – about 1 ½ miles from Ingalls Rink.  Our very own YYHA parent, Randi Petersen, is a reading interventionist at Lincoln-Bassett, and two years ago, what started out as two parents dreaming about the possibility of one team sponsoring one child or, at most, one team sponsoring one class, grew into a much larger, much more ambitious undertaking.  With the enthusiasm and generosity that characterize Yale Youth Hockey, YYHA –for two years running - has given a gift to every single child in the school. Let’s do it again!


We need your help; please consider purchasing gifts for 2 children…

Participation is voluntary, but we are hoping each family will sponsor two children.  We have approximately 200 families in YYHA, and there are 379 children to sponsor. If your children choose to sponsor one, that’s great; if you can sponsor two or more, that’s great, too. You can choose to give a gift to a boy or a girl, and you can choose the grade of the child/children you decide to sponsor. Sign-up links can be found at the bottom of this email. Read on for details…


The Gift…

1.      $15- $20 Value:  In order to ensure that all kids receive something comparable, we are asking that the value of the gifts be in the $15- $20 range.  Children in 3rd grade or below should receive an actual gift (toy, game, etc.) but you may choose to give children who are in 4th grade or above a gift certificate from a store in the Hamden Plaza area or in downtown New Haven.  Please note that transportation is an issue for many, so make sure the stores are easily accessible. 

2.      Wrap and label your gifts (1st grade boy, preschool girl, etc.) please.

3.      Monetary donations are also most welcome. Volunteers from various teams will be purchasing gifts for any children not selected by the end of the gift collection period. You may give monetary donations to toy drive coordinators, Amy Macey (Pee Wee A parent), or Randi Petersen (Pee Wee A1 parent) or at toy drop-off dates.   

4.      Winter hats and gloves, and socks are also always needed, so feel free to add those to the gift or donate these in bulk.


Time Frame and Delivery of Gift…


December 5th or December 12th at Skills and Drills.  We are asking each team manager to coordinate the collection of wrapped and labeled (2nd grade boy, etc.) gifts and/or monetary donations.  Individual parents, team managers or their designees should deliver the gifts to Ingalls Rink either on on Monday, 12/5 or Monday, 12/12during Skills and Drills from 6:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Toy Drive Coordinators, Randi Petersen and Amy Macey, along with other volunteers, will be in the front collecting them.  We’d love hockey players to help, so if you or they would like to volunteer, just contact Amy at   or Randi at rmp0810@yahoo.com.


How to Sign-up to Sponsor a Child…

Simply click on any of the links below; click on the “sign up” button; type your name next to the children you’d like to sponsor.  There are many more children in need of sponsors than there are hockey families (379 Lincoln-Bassett children and approximately 200 YYHA families), so consider sponsoring at least two children, but feel free to sponsor as many as you’d like.


To sign up:  Click on the following link and then click on the specific class pages and sign up: https://amymacey.bringit.bz/dashboard/97ebc4


Questions?  Contact Amy Macey at   or Randi Petersen at  .


We hope you will do whatever you can to make this 3rd Annual YYHA/Lincoln-Bassett School Partnership a success. Any donation – no matter how large or small, monetary or otherwise -- will help tremendously.  


And from the students and staff at the Lincoln-Bassett Community School, a heartfelt thank you for making the holiday season just a bit brighter for each one of these children!



Mike Henrici

YYHA Director of Hockey Operations