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Yale Youth Hockey Association

Dual Rostering Policy


The YYHA Dual Rostering Policy applies to Girls who are eligible under CHC and CGHL guidelines to be rostered on both a CHC Travel team (Boys and Girls) and a CGHL Travel team (Girls) at Yale Youth Hockey Association.


Players who wish to be considered for dual rostering must formally petition the YYHA Board of Directors at CharlesAndriole@charlesandriole.com prior to Try-Out Registration.
Players must Register, Try-Out, and be selected for both teams on which they wish to be dual rostered. The player will pay 100% of the first team Try-Out Fee and 50% of the second team Try-Out Fee.
Players must Declare a Primary team. This will be the team with whom she is expected to practice and play games whenever there is a conflict with the secondary team.
Membership Fees will be 100% of the team with the higher fee / 50% of the second team for Rostered Players / 25% of the second team for Alternate Players.
Players/Players Family may formally petition the YYHA Board of Directors at CharlesAndriole@charlesandriole.com to request the Membership Fee for the second team be reduced or waived.  The Board will consider all requests confidentially. The Board will consider both the financial needs of the player and/or the Yale Youth Hockey Association.  
Rostered Players: Eligible for all secondary team practices and games.

Alternate Players: Eligible for all secondary team practices; eligible to play in secondary team games only when space is available on the roster as determined by the coach on a game by game basis.

Coaches of both teams must formally approve of the player’s dual  roster status via email at CharlesAndriole@charlesandriole.com
Players must be presented to the CGHL for approval prior to the season and are subject to both the CHC and CGHL eligibility requirements.  


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