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 Mon 02/14/2022 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Hamden, Hamden HS/Astorino Rink 7:00p 7:50p  >Yale> 10-U A1 Practice    DT 
7:00p 7:50p  >Yale> 12-U A1 White Practice    DT 
8:00p 8:50p  >Junior Bulldogs> 14-U 2008 AA Practice    DT 
9:00p 9:50p  >Junior Bulldogs> 14-U 2007 A Practice    JB 
Northford, MBSports Training 7:15p 8:00p  >Yale> 12-U 2009 AA Off Ice Training    DT 
Northford, Northford Ice Pavilion 7:20p 8:10p  >Yale> 12-U 2010 AA Practice    DT 
8:20p 9:10p  >Yale> 12-U 2009 AA Practice    DT 
 Tue 02/15/2022 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Hamden, Hamden HS/Astorino Rink 7:00p 8:00p  >Yale> 12-U A1 Blue Practice    DT 
7:00p 8:00p  >Yale> 12-U A1 White Practice    DT 
8:10p 9:10p  >Junior Bulldogs> 14-U 2007 A Practice    DT 
8:10p 9:10p  >Junior Bulldogs> 14-U 2007 A1 Practice    DT 
Northford, Northford Ice Pavilion 5:30p 6:25p  >Yale> 8-U A Practice    DT 
5:30p 6:25p  >Yale> 8-U A1 Practice    DT 
5:30p 6:25p  >Yale> 8-U B Practice    DT 
6:35p 7:30p  >Yale> 10-U 2011 AA Practice    DT 
6:35p 7:30p  >Yale> 12-U A Practice    DT 
7:40p 8:40p  >Junior Bulldogs> 14-U 2008 AA Practice    DT 
7:40p 8:40p  >Junior Bulldogs> 14-U 2008 A Practice    DT 
 Wed 02/16/2022 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Northford, Northford Ice Pavilion 5:30p 6:30p  >Learn to Skate-Hockey and House> 8U/10U-House Practice    PG 
5:30p 6:25p  >Yale> 8-U B Practice    BM 
5:30p 6:25p  >Yale> 8-U A Practice    LC 
5:30p 6:25p  >Yale> 8-U A1 Practice    JT 
6:35p 7:30p  >Yale> 10-U 2012 AA Practice    DT 
6:35p 7:30p  >Yale> 10-U A1 Practice    DT 
7:40p 8:35p  >Yale> 12-U A Practice    DT 
7:40p 8:35p  >Yale> 12-U A1 Blue Practice    DT 
 Thu 02/17/2022 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Hamden, Hamden HS/Astorino Rink 8:00p 8:50p  >Yale> 12-U 2009 AA Practice    DT 
8:00p 8:50p  >Yale> 12-U 2010 AA Practice    DT 
9:00p 9:50p  >Junior Bulldogs> 14-U 2007 AAA Practice    DT 
Hamden, Skate Training Facility 7:30p 8:30p  >Yale> 8-U A Game Elite Hockey 8U   LC 
Northford, Northford Blue 6:50p 8:10p  >Junior Bulldogs> 14-U 2007 A Tournament Central CT Y14U AA    
Northford, Northford Red 6:40p 8:00p  >Junior Bulldogs> 14-U 2008 AA Tournament Avon Y14U A   SN 
 Fri 02/18/2022 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Northford, Northford Blue 6:30p 7:40p  >Yale> 12-U A1 White Tournament Greater New Haven Y12U B State Tournament    
 Sat 02/19/2022 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Bridgeport, Harbor Yard 3:30p 4:30p  >Yale> CT Riverhawks Y10U B Blue Game 10-U A1 Game before Islanders Game  JK 
Cromwell, Champions Lower Rink 3:20p 4:20p  >Junior Bulldogs> Hartford Jr Wolfpack Y14U Minor Game 14-U 2008 A   CT 
Northford, Northford Blue 7:50a 9:05a  >Junior Bulldogs> 14-U 2008 AA Tournament Central CT Y14U AA   SN 
10:50a 12:00p  >Yale> 12-U A1 White Tournament Northwestern CT Y12U B State Tournament    
3:00p 4:20p  >Junior Bulldogs> 14-U 2007 A Tournament Avon Y14U A    
6:00p 7:30p  >Junior Bulldogs> 14-U 2008 AA Tournament ECHO Y14U A   SN 
7:30p 8:40p  >Yale> Pawling Y12U B Tournament 12-U A1 White State Tournament  TG 
Northford, Northford Ice Pavilion 12:30p 1:30p  >Learn to Skate-Hockey and House> Learn to Skate-Play Hockey (2) Practice    JB 
12:30p 1:30p  >Learn to Skate-Hockey and House> 8U/10U-House Practice    DT 
Northford, Northford White 9:10a 10:40a  >Junior Bulldogs> 14-U 2007 A Tournament ECHO Y14U A    
Ridgefield, Winter Garden 3:20p 4:40p  >Yale> Ridgefield Y12U A CHC League Game 12-U A1 Blue   MH 
Rye, Playland Ice Casino 10:30a 11:30a  >Yale> 10-U 2012 AA Game Rye Rangers 2012 AA   SS 
Rye, Rye Country Day 10:45a 11:45a  >Yale> 8-U A Cross-ice Game Rye Rangers Mite A   LC 
Rye, Rye Country Day 10:45a 11:45a  >Yale> 8-U A1 Cross Ice Rye Rangers Mite A1   JT 
Springfield, Cyr Arena 12:30p 1:50p  >Yale> 12-U 2010 AA Game Springfield Aces Greater Springfield Aces PW AA   
Stamford, Stamford Twin W X-Ice 8:55a 9:55a SF >Yale> Darien 8U Blue Cross-ice Game 8-U B   TC 
West Springfield, Olympia Ice Center 1 12:00p 1:20p  >Yale> 12-U 2009 AA Game Springfield Rifles AAA Rifles AAA Elite   
 Sun 02/20/2022 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Avon, Avon Old Farms 10:10a 11:30a  >Junior Bulldogs> Avon Y14U A1 Game 14-U 2008 A   RM 
Bolton, Bolton Ice Palace 2:10p 3:40p  >Junior Bulldogs> ECHO Y14U A CHC League Game 14-U 2007 A1 ECHO state tournament  TG 
Bridgeport, Wonderlnd of Ice 2:00p 3:00p  >Learn to Skate-Hockey and House> 8U/10U-House Cross Ice  Scrimmage Vs Wizards  PG 
Hamden, Hamden 8:00a 9:00a  >Yale> 10-U A1 Game South Windsor Y10U C   AG 
9:15a 10:35a  >Yale> 12-U 2009 AA Game RI Saints Major AAA    
10:45a 12:00p  >Yale> 12-U A CHC League Game CT Jr Whalers Y12U A   EG 
1:15p 2:35p  >Yale> 12-U 2009 AA Game RI Saints Major AAA    
Hamden, Hamden HS/Astorino Rink 12:15p 1:00p  >Yale> 8-U A Practice    DT 
12:15p 1:00p  >Yale> 8-U A1 Practice    DT 
Hamden, Skate Training Facility 7:30a 8:30a  >Learn to Skate-Hockey and House> 8U/10U-House Practice    PG 
8:50a 9:50a  >Learn to Skate-Hockey and House> Learn to Skate-Play Hockey (2) Practice    DT 
Hamden, Skate Training Facility 10:10a 11:10a  >Yale> 8-U B Game CT Chiefs 8U 7U   JH 
Newington, Newington Blue 7:50a 8:50a  >Yale> CT Chiefs 8U 7U CHC League Game 8-U B   BJ 
Northford, Northford Red 8:10a 9:30a  >Junior Bulldogs> 14-U 2007 A Tournament Ridgefield Y14U AA   JT 
5:00p 6:20p  >Junior Bulldogs> 14-U 2007 A Tournament West Haven Y14U A   JT 
Northford, Northford White 4:00p 5:15p  >Yale> 12-U 2010 AA Game Southern CT Y12U A   MB 
Simsbury, Westminster 9:45a 11:00a  >Yale> Simsbury Y12U A CHC League Game 12-U 2010 AA Tier 3 State Tournament  RF 
Stamford, Stamford Twin E 3:40p 5:00p  >Junior Bulldogs> Darien Y14U AA CHC League Game 14-U 2008 AA   SK 
TBD, TBD 10:00a 11:00a  >Yale> 12-U A1 White Tournament  State Tournament Semi-Final (if we qualify) @ Northford  RL 
3:00p 4:00p  >Yale> 12-U A1 White Tournament  State Tournament Final - @ Northford (if we advance)  RL 
Wallingford, Choate 4:30p 6:00p  >Yale> Wallingford Y12U A CHC League Game 12-U A   DD 
West Haven, Bennett Rink 8:00a 9:00a  >Yale> West Haven Y10U A CHC League Game 10-U 2012 AA   MM